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Avian Management Has Never Been So Easy
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Birds Evolution Pro
Birds Evolution Pro

95 species (downloadable)
& Genetic Predictions

  • Add birds
  • Manage pairs
  • Follow-up clutches
  • View detailed statistics
       of your breeding
  • Print transfer certificates
  • And even more!

Get Birds Evolution Pro
for the management of your breeding
and manage all your data
on your computer!

Are you breeding birds ? If you are, you know how much it is important to keep all your birds' data (birth dates, genealogy, pairs, clutches follow-up...), even if you have only a few birds !
Birds Evolution Pro is an avian management software which can store, filter and analyse all your breeding information on your computer.

Designed for Bird Breedings

Birds Evolution Pro has been created for bird breeders, by bird breeders !

It can manage all species

  • Finches, Canaries and other exotics
  • Parakeets
  • Parrots
  • Pigeons and Doves

With Birds Evolution Pro, you are now able to manage in an easy way (friendly-user interface, customizable) your complete breeding results, including features of genealogy, genetics (no genetic prediction feature yet), invoices, expenses, show results, and some other great features dedicated to the bird breeding management.

Download it for FREE by clicking here

One free edition...

It is free for "little" breedings ?

Yes, you can download Birds Evolution Pro Light Edition and use it as much as you want, because it hasn't any time limitation !

The Light Edition is for testing the most of Birds Evolution Pro functions, and the goal of this free edition is to let "small" bird breeders use it without having to pay anything (because they don't have many birds).
[The Light Edition is not time limited, but some features are (up to 10 new birds each year in the software)]

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